Competitive powder coating and spray finishes in ACT

Powdercoating is a great way to get your doors and frames looking good as new again. In fact, it’s a great way to restore any metal object to its former glory. At TAI Powdercoat & Spray Finishes Pty Ltd, we do this by spraying electrostatic powder at the object and heating it to 200 degrees Celsius. The powder then melts onto the metal and sets in either a matt, satin or gloss finish.

You can choose from a great palette of colours too!

Doors and frame restoration

Powder coating doors and frames creates a professional and perfectly smooth finish like no other. Standard paint applications can sometimes result in drips or uneven application of paint and may show wear and tear more easily.

TAI Powdercoat & Spray Finishes Pty Ltd will help restore your metal surfaces to their original glory and help guard against environmental damage with our expert powder coating service.

From interior commercial kitchen doors to exterior barn or garage doors and all frames including windows, bikes and gates we offer an exceptional level of service and friendly, professional advice regarding the best finish and colour choices to suit your needs.

Applications of all kinds

We also have served many satisfied customers with powdercoating and spray finishes on a wide range of jobs including:

  • Steel Framing for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Constructions
  • Free standing handrails or balustrades
  • Furniture
  • Architectural staircases
  • Fire escapes
  • Canopy frames
  • Access Ladders
  • Disabled Ramps
  • Hubcaps and other automotive applications
  • Garden fencing
  • Bike frames and more!
If you have a surface you would like to restore or are simply looking for a new colour or finish talk to TAI Powdercoat & Spray Finishes Pty Ltd today. With endless colours, great rates and a fast turnaround our service is hard to beat!

Call us to discuss your powder coating jobs today!